MIDI-Out working and MCP23017 test Posted on February 13, 2013

Yay! I got new 220 Ω restistors and now my MIDI-Out is working as expected, so the old resistor seemed to be broken. I also got the MCP23017 port expander and wrote a little programm with 6 switch buttons (one in a rotary encoder) which send Note signal via MIDI. I did not get the internal pullup resistors of the MCP23017 to work, therefore I created a thread in the arduino forum. Hope I get help. I²C seems to work fine!

6 buttons through MCP23017 to MIDI-Out into audio interface

On top is the midi jack, connected with my UA-25 EX audio interface. On the breadboard the MCP23017 with the input buttons.

The next step is, to create a stripboard with the MCP23017 and 4051 for handling all inputs (24 analog and 80 digital inputs). But I am a bit afraid of the soldering it, because I have not much experience. Hopefully I will get some help from friends.

stripboard for inputs with MCP23017 and 4051 to solder

If that is working well, I want to start to create a case out of wood.