Gloomhaven Secretariat Gloomhaven / Frosthaven Board Game Companion App
esp-ena Covid-19 contact tracing with Exposure Notification API on ESP32
we.bstly User Management with OIDC and Pretix token registration for Bastelei e.V.
bstlboard HN inspired message board and link aggregator
bombatuino wodden, arduino-based dj midi controller
luniebox RFID jukebox based on a Raspberry Pi
wordclock arduino based wordclock
Fred's LED bike wheel LED stripe as rotating display on bikewheel
openzilch.js javascript implementation of Zilch game
wordlclock.js javascript implementation of a Wordclock
Muffcast [archived] Chromecast alternative - stream HTML5 Video/Audio
bstl [archived] 'digitale Bastelei' - it's a database
MUR [archived] multiplayer game made with Godot Engine

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